Junglee Games’ launches new rummy platform amidst public backlash against Junglee Rummy

Junglee Games launched online rummy platform Rummy.com earlier this year and the company has claimed in a recent press release that the newly launched platform has already seen over 30 times growth in the last eight months. The press release also stated that the company has launched several ad campaigns and hosted multiple tournaments so far.

Junglee Games also operates other online gaming platforms like Junglee Rummy and describes their new platform as “the premier choice” for both casual and competitive players of online rummy.

“Our vision extends beyond building a mere gaming platform – we aspire to create a player community that celebrates the strategy and skill inherent in the timeless game of rummy. Rummy.com is where seasoned rummy players test their skills at big, classy tables offering massive prizes and engage in fierce, fair competition,” said Bharat Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer at Junglee Games.

Jungle Rummy and its problems
Over the last few months, the company has faced huge backlash, especially across Maharashtra, after reports of several people losing money in online rummy started surfacing. Many people affected resorted to stealing in order to pay their debts, with a few others taking drastic steps as well.

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn, who is one of the brand ambassadors for Junglee Rummy, has also faced criticism for promoting online rummy, with people protesting and urging him to not promote the online gaming platform.

As per reports, many people are being addicted to playing online games and that has prompted the government to introduce necessary regulations as part of the online gaming rules.

The company, as part of the online gaming industry, is also facing the burden of the newly imposed 28% GST rate. This has caused a huge turmoil in the online gaming sector, with several companies cutting down their workforce with some even closing down.

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