Traditional Playing Cards with Cartomancy-Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

Short reading

Remove No. 18 and No. 19 from the pack temporarily. Shuffle the rest of the cards, including the Joker, and cut them. Tell the person whose fortune is being told to silently make a wish. Deal the cards face-up one at a time into a pile, counting aloud. If the joker appears as an even number, the person will get his wish, but if the Joker is an odd number, the wish will not come true rummybo.

Remove the Joker from play, shuffle the cards again, and cut them.

Place No. 18 in the center of the table for the reading of a lady’s fortune, and No. 19 for a man’s fortune. Deal eight cards around this center card as indicated in the diagram, and then eight more in an outer square. The following diagram represents a man’s fortune.

The inner square cards (31, 50, 12, 20, 6, 13, 27, 11) shape the destiny of the person. The outer square cards (17, 36, 21, 45, 51, 39, 47, 2) represent the forces surrounding them.

Starting with any card in the inner square, read one card at a time. Each card has a complete message on it and may be interpreted in relation to the person (the center card). The inner square is close to them, and the outer square is far away. The separate messages on the cards may be woven into a story about the person as the reading progresses.

Long reading

Tell the person having his fortune told to wish, then deal the cards in the same manner as explained in the short reading. Remove Joker and lay aside cards 18 and 19. Shuffle the remaining cards thoroughly and have them cut. Deal them out, face-up, one at a time in the pattern indicated in diagram No. 2 as follows:

Top row six cards, then two rows of eight cards each. In the fourth row lay three cards, then card 18 if a lady is having her fortune told or 19 if a gentleman. Then complete this row with four more cards.

The next two rows have eight cards each and the last row five cards.

Examine all cards thoroughly in terms of all the messages given on them and their relation to other cards. The sample layout may be interpreted in the following manner.

  • Consider the inner square first. Nos 7, 47, 32, 38, 226, 13, 2, 24
  • Then the next square. Nos. 29, 27, 44, 39, 37, 33, 16, 12, 4, 40, 52, 41, 31, 35, 46, 45, 28
  • The next square Nos. 3, 10, 39, 20, 21, 50, 8, 49, 11, 9, 48, 17, 23, 22, 1, 34, 6, 43, 36, 5, 51
  • The outside row Nos. 15, 42, 30, 25, 14 is read last
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